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Request for Feedback: 30 Minute Intraday Product Design Options

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In line with the EU target model including an ambition to enable intraday cross-zonal capacity products of a duration less than the current one hour, Nemo Link are considering amending its intraday product from an hourly to an half-hourly product.

We have written a very short document with 3 possible design options and would be very grateful for your feedback.

If you have an interest in intraday trading on Nemo Link, please respond to this request for feedback via the Nemo Link’s mailbox ( by 30th July.

If you would like to discuss the proposal in detail or have any questions prior to submitting your feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Nemo Link announces its new Intraday Nomination timings

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At Nemo Link, we highly value feedback from customers and always seek for improvements on our products and services.

Following recent conversations with our customers, we are now increasing intraday nomination gate opening times from 45 minutes to 50 minutes.  This would mean that capacity holders intending to nominate intraday transmission rights could do so up to 70 minutes ahead of delivery instead of the current 75 minute lead time. Therefore, Nemo Link customers will now be able to further optimise their positions to respond to rapidly changing market conditions.
Nemo Link intends to implement the change from the first nomination gate for delivery day 5th May, meaning Nomination Gate 1 will close at 22:50 CEST on 4th May 2020.  An updated summary of the Nemo Link intraday auction and nomination times can be found here.

So within 6 months of successful intraday operations, Nemo Link is proud to make changes quickly to adapt to customer feedback and needs.

We would like to thank our customers for their valued feedback and we welcome suggestions from all market participants to continue to improve Nemo Link’s products and services.

Intraday trading goes live between Great-Britain and Belgium

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New within day Nemo Link products make it easier for market participants to manage intermittent renewables.

Since operational go-live in February 2019 it has been possible to trade electricity via the Nemo Link interconnector between Great Britain and Belgium on a Long Term and Day-ahead basis.  From 14 November 2019 it is now also possible to trade electricity between both countries within day.

Intraday market trading is a very important option for electricity market participants. With rapidly growing intermittent renewable production, it is becoming an increasing challenge for market participants to remain in balance after the closing of the day-ahead market.

The capability to be balanced closer to real time operations is beneficial for market participants as it allows them to take unexpected changes in consumption and production into account.

The new explicit intraday capacity product on Nemo Link, with its hourly nomination gates, brings additional options and provides a level of flexibility welcomed by market players who trade both renewable and conventional energy.

Market participants can now participate in the four daily intraday capacity auctions that are organized by the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) and acquire capacity rights on the Nemo Link interconnector for periods up to 6 hours.

More information on Nemo Link’s trading framework and its new Intraday product can be found here.

The Nemo Link interconnector  is a joint venture between National Grid Interconnector Holdings Limited, a subsidiary company of the UK’s National Grid Plc, and the Belgian Elia Group.


Nemo Link’s first intraday auctions start tomorrow

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The first intraday auctions on Nemo Link start tomorrow.  Market Participants will have the option to use hourly nomination gates to optimise their positions – a first for a Channel interconnector.

Following helpful questions from our recent intraday workshop, further details on auction and nomination gates, treatment of losses, rounding, and outage communications can be found here.

The first intraday auction will be held tomorrow on the JAO’s eCAT platform between 09:30 and 09:55 CET. Below is a snap shot of all intraday auctions taking place tomorrow:

Date Auction Time (CET) Delivery period (CET)
14th November 2019 09:30 – 09:55 12:00 – 18:00 14th November 2019
14th November 2019 15:30 – 15:55 18:00 – 24:00 14th November 2019
14th November 2019 21:45 – 22:10 00:00 – 06:00 15th November 2019

From 15th November 2019, auctions will be held according to our Intraday Auction Schedule.


Nemo Link announce Intraday Capacity Auction Go Live Date

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Nemo Link and Elia are pleased to announce the expected GO-LIVE of its new intraday capacity product on 14th November 2019. Nemo Link will be the first Channel interconnector to offer hourly nomination gates which will enable market participants to optimise physical positions close to real time.


Following a six-month project working closely with market participants, National Grid ESO, JAO and regulators, the new intraday capacity product will bring additional options and flexibility to Belgian and GB electricity markets.  Market participants will be able to buy intraday capacity through explicit auctions on the JAO eCAT platform four times a day and nominate those capacity rights on the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP).


The first Intraday explicit auction for the GB-Belgium border is scheduled to open at 9:30 CET and close at 9:55 CET 14.11.2019 for the delivery period 12:00 to 18:00 CET.


Further information about the Intraday Auction and Nomination Timings can be found here on the Nemo Link website.


If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Team.

Nemo Link Intraday Systems Testing on RNP

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We wish to inform Nemo Link customers that we are making good progress in the development of our new intraday product and remain on course to make this product available by the end of the year.  In preparation, customers will be able to participate in testing the RNP system for the Nemo Link Intraday Nomination process.

When will it start

Nemo Link’s Intraday RNP Customer testing period will run from Monday 14th October until Friday 25th October 2019.

What will be covered

This is an opportunity to test your systems with RNP via Web-services for Intraday and to get familiar with the RNP web-interface manually via the training environment.

To make this experience as similar to real time operations as possible, Nemo Link will set up business scenarios within the RNP system which will run on specific dates and times that will mirror real life operations. These scenarios will simulate the full intraday nomination process for business days during the testing period.

This testing is only on the Nemo Link Intraday Nomination Process as RNP testing for Long term and Day Ahead processes have previously been carried out.

How to participate in the testing

Should you wish to participate, it would be helpful if you could confirm to us here by COB Thursday 12th September 2019 with the following information:

EIC number:
Main contact for RNP Testing:
Main contact’s email address:
Web-services testing: Yes/No

Prior to the testing period starting on Monday 14th October, the RNP Helpdesk will send out detailed testing scenarios and final plans to customers who wish to participate in this trial/testing.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the above, please email the Customer Team.

Nemo Link Launches Intraday Product Consultation

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