What is Nemo Link?

The Nemo Link interconnector  is a joint venture between National Grid Interconnector Holdings Limited, a subsidiary company of the UK’s National Grid Plc, and the Belgian Elia group.  The interconnector electrically connects Belgium and GB providing both countries with improved grid reliability and access to sustainable generation.  Nemo Link consists of subsea and underground cables connected to a converter station and an electricity substation in each country, which allows electricity to flow in either direction between the two countries. The location of the converter station and electricity substation in the UK is an 8 hectare site, formerly occupied by the Richborough Power Station, which now forms part of the Richborough Energy Park. A similar converter station and substation is located in the industry zone Herdersbrug in Bruges, Belgium.
Project Partners
  • National Grid Interconnector Holdings Limited

    National Grid Interconnector Holdings Limited is part of National Grid Plc, a major UK company which owns and manages gas and electricity infrastructure in the UK and in the north eastern US. In Britain the National Grid group runs the systems that deliver gas and electricity across the entire country. In North Eastern US, the group provides power directly to millions of customers.

  • Belgium's transmission system operator

    Elia is not just Belgium’s transmission system operator – it is also a key player at European level. Elia is Belgium’s high-voltage transmission system operator (30 kV to 380 kV), operating over 8,000 km of lines and underground cables throughout Belgium. Elia plays a crucial role in the community by transmitting electricity from generators to distribution systems, which in turn deliver it to the consumer.

Meet the Team
  • Bert Maes
  • Martin Croucher
    Operations Director
  • Bart Goethals
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Nigel Wood
    Senior Operations Manager
  • Sandy Lalli
    Finance Manager
  • Nick Pittarello
    Customer, Regulatory & Policy Manager
  • Raj Bhogal
    Systems and ICT Manager
  • Munti Nguyen
    Customer Relations
  • Monne Depraetere
    Products and Services Manager
Contact Us

Please get in touch if you would like to explore trading opportunities or discuss any matters related to Nemo Link.

Customer, Regulation & Policy Manager, Nick Pittarello +44 (0)1926 656 261
Correspondence address: Nemo Link Limited, Rue Joseph Stevens 7, 1000 BRUSSELS, Belgium

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