On 31st January 2020 the UK ceased to be a member of the EU. Under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement the UK continues to follow EU rules until 23:00 GMT on 31/12/20.

EU and UK are currently negotiating an enduring Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to apply from 01/01/21. However on 9th July 2020, the European Commission confirmed in a stakeholder notice that regardless of the FTA negotiations.

“…although electricity and gas interconnectors can of course still be used, the United Kingdom will no longer participate in the Union’s dedicated platforms. Alternative fall-back solutions will be used instead to trade electricity on interconnectors with Great Britain.”

Furthermore, SDAC have also communicated the removal of GB from the implicit coupling process. In this page, Nemo Link wish to prepare our customers of the changes that will apply when GB leaves the Internal Energy Market. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact the Nemo Link’s Customer Team.

Implication highlights:

  1. Implicit Day Ahead auctions will be replaced by Explicit Day Ahead auctions which will take place on the eCAT platform hosted by the Joint Allocation Office. Please refer to the Key Information section below for further details of the changes.
  2. The approved Non-IEM Access Rules to apply from 01 January 2021. Please refer to the Notice to bring into effect Nemo Link’s Non-IEM Access Rules.
  3. Further details on the cut-over date and where the Non-IEM Rules will apply can be found on the Expected Brexit Transition Timelines section below.
  4. Information on Customs declarations can be found here and other relevant information can also be found in the Brexit Webinar Slides.
  5. Information on Losses, Rounding and Netting application can be found here.

Key Information

Expected Brexit Transition Timeline

Brexit Preparation Timeline

       If you have missed our Brexit Webinar on 9 November 2020 and would like to learn more about it, please find below:

          1.   Brexit Webinar Slides

          2.  Brexit Webinar Recording

Non-IEM Registration Checklist

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