Notice to bring into effect Nemo Link’s Non-IEM Access Rules

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Ofgem and the CREG approved Nemo Link’s Non-IEM Access Rules on 18th October 2019. These Access Rules were developed for the scenario where, following its withdrawal from the European Union, the United Kingdom ceases participation in those platforms and mechanisms associated with the Internal Energy Market.

This notice, made in accordance with Article A5.1 of the approved Non-IEM Access Rules serves to bring Nemo Link’s Non-IEM Access Rules into effect for capacity delivered from 1st January 2021. Please visit our Brexit page for details on the cut-over date and further relevant information.

Nemo Link reserves the right to amend or withdraw this notice in the unlikely event the United Kingdom remains inside the Internal Energy Market. Should this occur, Nemo Link shall publish a further notice to market participants.

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