UPDATE on the Regional Nomination Platform RNP

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Nemo Link wish to announce an update on the Regional Nomination Platform RNP.

As you may be aware RNP is a Consortium, whereby multiple Interconnectors including Nemo Link, IFA, IFA2, and Viking Link are party to the current contract to provide the Nominations system and services.

The current contract with RNP will end in February 2027, and for regulatory reasons the contract cannot be extended any further.  With this in mind, the Consortium made a decision to go back out to tender and retain that Consortium approach with Nemo Link, National Grid Ventures, RTE and Energinet. This approach retains close collaboration and agreement with all parties in order to drive efficiencies and optimisations for a Nomination platform moving forward.

For your information, the Request for Purchase (RFP) for RNP v2 has been issued and below is a high-level overview of the project timeline (with indicative key milestones):






What does all of this mean for our collective Interconnector Customers? 

We are keen to get you involved!

The Project Manager for RNP v2, Sarah Hadley, will be implementing a Market Engagement Group (MEG) for all customers that would like to attend.

There will be monthly Teams meetings from September/October 2024, with some also being in person in 2025. This gives the project a good opportunity to keep you informed of progress, as well as affording customers good opportunities to ask questions.

There will be various points where we will ask for input, for example testing of RNP v2 ahead of the platform Go Live. More details of these points will be given as we get a little further through the procurement process.

If you would like to be involved in the Market Engagement Group for RNP2 and receive the invitations and updates, please can you respond back to: box.RNP2-MEG@nationalgrid.com.


Should you have any questions on this or discuss any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact the Nemo Link Customer Team.

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